70 Windshield Tint Before And After: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’re considering window tinting for your vehicle, you might be wondering about the benefits of a 70 windshield tint. This level of tinting is the highest percentage of tint that can be applied to your windshield legally, and it comes with many advantages. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of a 70 windshield tint, what to expect before and after installation, and some tips for finding the best installer.

What is a 70 Windshield Tint?

A 70 windshield tint means that 70% of the visible light will be blocked from entering your vehicle through the windshield. This level of tinting is the highest percentage that is legal for windshields in most states.

Benefits of a 70 Windshield Tint

There are several benefits of a 70 windshield tint, including:

  • Reduced glare: Tinting your windshield can reduce the amount of glare you experience while driving, which can make it easier to see.
  • Increased privacy: Tinting your windshield can make it more difficult for people to see inside your vehicle, which can increase your privacy.
  • UV protection: Tinting your windshield can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, which can help protect your skin and the interior of your vehicle from fading and damage.
  • Cooler interior: Tinting your windshield can help keep the interior of your vehicle cooler, which can be especially beneficial in hot weather.

Before Installation

Before you have your windshield tinted, there are a few things you should do to prepare:

  • Clean your windshield: Make sure your windshield is clean and free of any debris before the tint is applied.
  • Choose a reputable installer: Research different installers in your area and choose one with positive reviews and experience with windshield tinting.
  • Check your state laws: Make sure that a 70 windshield tint is legal in your state before having it installed.

After Installation

Once your windshield has been tinted, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Wait to roll down your windows: It’s important to wait at least 48 hours before rolling down your windows to allow the tint to fully adhere.
  • Clean your windshield carefully: Use a soft cloth and gentle cleaner to clean your windshield after tinting to avoid scratching the tint.
  • Check for bubbles or imperfections: If you notice any bubbles or imperfections in your tint, contact your installer to have them fixed.

Finding the Best Installer

When it comes to finding the best installer for your 70 windshield tint, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Experience: Look for an installer with experience specifically in windshield tinting.
  • Quality of materials: Make sure the installer uses high-quality tinting materials to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your tint.
  • Customer reviews: Read reviews from previous customers to get an idea of the installer’s reputation and quality of work.


Overall, a 70 windshield tint can provide numerous benefits for your vehicle, including increased privacy, reduced glare, and UV protection. To ensure the best results, make sure to prepare for installation properly, care for your tint after installation, and choose a reputable installer with experience and positive reviews.