Spear Vs Pike: Which Is The Better Weapon In Battle?

The History of Spears and Pikes

Spears and pikes have been used in warfare for centuries. The first spears were made from wood and stone, and were used by early humans to hunt animals for food. As civilizations developed, spears became an essential weapon in warfare. The pike, on the other hand, was developed during the Middle Ages as a longer and heavier version of the spear. It was primarily used by infantry soldiers to defend against cavalry charges.

The Differences Between Spears and Pikes

While the spear and pike may look similar, there are some key differences between the two. The spear is a shorter weapon, typically measuring between 6 and 8 feet in length. It is designed for thrusting and can be used with one hand or two. The pike, on the other hand, is much longer, measuring between 12 and 18 feet in length. It is designed to be used with two hands and is primarily used for thrusting from behind a wall of infantry soldiers.

The Advantages of the Spear

The spear has several advantages over the pike. First, it is a more versatile weapon. It can be used in close combat as well as at a distance, making it ideal for both offensive and defensive maneuvers. Second, the spear is lighter and easier to maneuver than the pike, allowing soldiers to move quickly and easily on the battlefield. Finally, the spear is a more cost-effective weapon, as it requires less material to make.

The Advantages of the Pike

While the spear has its advantages, the pike also has several benefits. First, the longer length of the pike allows soldiers to keep their enemies at a greater distance, reducing the risk of injury. Second, the pike is a more effective weapon against cavalry charges, as it can be used to impale horses and riders. Finally, the pike is a more intimidating weapon, as its size and weight make it a formidable force on the battlefield.

The Use of Spears and Pikes in Battle

Both the spear and pike were used extensively in battles throughout history. The spear was used by ancient Greek hoplites, Roman legionnaires, and medieval knights. The pike was primarily used by Swiss and Scottish soldiers during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. In battle, the spear and pike were used in formations, with soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder behind a wall of shields or pikes.

The Importance of Formation

The key to success in battle with the spear or pike was the use of formation. Soldiers had to work together as a unit, moving in unison to create a wall of defense or offense. Pikes were often used in a formation known as a pike square, where soldiers stood in a tight formation with pikes pointed outward in all directions. This formation was highly effective against cavalry charges.

The Use of Spears and Pikes Today

While the use of spears and pikes in modern warfare is limited, these weapons are still used in some military units. The pike is still used by the Swiss Guard, who protect the Pope at the Vatican. In addition, some martial arts schools still teach the use of the spear and pike as a form of self-defense.

The Verdict: Spear vs Pike

So, which is the better weapon: the spear or pike? The answer is not clear-cut, as both weapons have their advantages and disadvantages. The spear is a more versatile and cost-effective weapon, while the pike is more effective against cavalry charges and is a more intimidating weapon on the battlefield. Ultimately, the choice of weapon depends on the situation and the preferences of the soldier.


In conclusion, the spear and pike have played an important role in warfare throughout history. While they may not be as commonly used in modern warfare, these weapons are still revered for their historical significance and the skill required to wield them effectively. Whether you prefer the versatility of the spear or the power of the pike, there is no denying that these weapons have left their mark on the world of warfare.